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State Rep. Chris Bos

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“I am running to be your State Rep so we can continue the fight to make Illinois and our community an affordable & safe place to live.” - Chris Bos


Promises Made. Promises Kept.

When I ran for this office in 2020 I said the race was never about me. It was about us—our community—the 51st District in the state of Illinois. I said if I were to win the election our priorities would be:

Make Illinois affordable for families: I fought for lowering property taxes, capping the gasoline tax, and advocating for reasonable spending by our government. We need stronger action, not election-year gimmicks.

Keep our community safe: I passed legislation in defense of the most vulnerable, children in the foster care system and others who have been sexually exploited. I supported legislation preventing the sale of 25,000 guns and removed 7,000 more from ineligible gun owners.

Ensure our government is held accountable: I passed a landmark bill limiting the power of the Governor—the only bill of its kind this past session.

To be an independent voice and work across the aisle: Voting records will show I am willing to vote what’s best for our district, not a party line. In fact, the new laws I authored were passed with near unanimous, bi-partisan support. 

These ideals have not changed. This campaign will always be about what happens here in our community. There are many problems yet to be solved as these issues will not just go away. I continue to believe #LocalMatters. I ask that you join me as we work to work for affordability, community safety, and government accountability


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Join Chris in the campaign: Take the Community Survey to share your thoughts on what is important to you. To get connected with our campaign or join Chris's team as a volunteer let us know about yourself and we will be in touch.


Our Community Values:

Trust Our FamiliesOur hardworking families deserve more of their paychecks in their pockets so they can invest more in their local communities.

Call Out CorruptionI will remain committed to leading the fight for needed reforms to clean up our state and restore integrity in Springfield.

Encourage Local BusinessI will work to remove overly burdensome regulations so businesses can hire and workers can find good-paying jobs

Enforce Fiscal Responsibility—Illinois does not “need more revenue.” (i.e. taxes). Instead let’s look at common sense ways to consolidate expenses, setting the stage for future growth. 

Keep Our Local Communities SafeWe can further enrich community safety by supporting local law enforcement and first responders.

Affirm the Sanctity of LifeEvery human life has intrinsic value—every life deserves honor.