Bos warns governor's progressive tax plan is 'giving Democrats a blank check to use at their discretion'

Republican state House candidate Chris Bos argues Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s actions speak louder than words.

“He knows people aren’t really into this progressive tax idea and the more they learn about it the less they seem to like it,” Bos told the Lake County Gazette. “That’s why he’s spending this ridiculous amount of money to try and sway people with gimmicks and rhetoric. It’s really sad; because putting this kind of money behind programs this state really needs right now could be a game-changer.”

According to the Chicago Tribune, Pritzker recently contributed $51.5 million to a ballot initiative committee working to sell the progressive tax proposal he’s been pushing since his days as a candidate. Vote Yes to Fairness, a committee headed by the governor’s former deputy campaign manager, recently received the funds and is already at work selling legislation that would convert the current flat tax to a progressive tax system. ...


“You look now and we’re still where we were. That’s because we have a spending problem and not a tax one.” - Chris Bos


By Glenn MinnisRead the full article here.

Originally posted on July 9, 2020 by Lake County Gazette.