Chris Bos wants lawmaker to deal with social justice, criminal reform

Republican Illinois House candidate Chris Bos of Lake Zurich has thrown his support behind growing calls for lawmakers to return to Springfield to deal with issues like criminal and social justice reform.

“They’re just so many issues on the table right now that we need to be dealing with,” Bos told the Lake County Gazette. “The last special session we had ended so early many vital issues were left untouched. ...


“We really need everyone back beyond a special session,” Bos, an Ela Township trustee running against incumbent Rep. Mary Edly-Allen (D-Libertyville) in the 51st District, told the Lake County Gazette



“Year after year, Democrats have gotten away with all this and I’m really just hoping that we’ve reached a tipping-point where people will rise up and say enough.” - Chris Bos


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Originally posted on June 9, 2020 by Lake County Gazette.