House hopeful Bos hopes ComEd prosecution is 'a catalyst for change and a push to move Madigan out'

Republican House candidate Chris Bos doesn’t know what frustrates him more about longtime House Speaker Mike Madigan now being at the center of an ongoing federal corruption probe.

“I don’t know if it’s that someone with that much power could allegedly be so corrupt or that this system of corruption and scheming has been going on for decades and we’re just now trying to do something about,” Bos told the Lake County Gazette. “I just hope this is a catalyst for change and a push to move Madigan out as the greatest hindrance to the state moving forward.”

Madigan, who easily reigns as the longest-tenured lawmaker in the state, now finds himself at the center of a still-evolving probe into ComEd...


“It’s disgusting that such a great state is dragged down through this continued cycle and system of corruption. It gives the appearance that the only way to get ahead in Illinois is to be corrupt.” - Chris Bos


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Originally posted on July 20, 2020 by Lake County Gazette.