Meet Chris

Elected in 2020, Chris Bos is serving his first term in the Illinois State House. 

Chris previously served as the Director of Development for Reclaim13. This non-profit works to free children from sexual exploitation by focusing on prevention programs for adolescents and adults and healing programs for children and young adult victims of human trafficking. 

Chris' collaborative approach helped him become a successful freshman legislator focusing on lowering costs, supporting efforts to make our neighborhoods safe, and spearheading legislation to improve women's health and protect children from sexual predators

Chris' life has been dedicated to community service through a career with non-profits and volunteering in his community. He volunteers with the PTO in Lake Zurich, previously served as a youth soccer coach, and is actively involved with the food pantries in the community. 

Chris studied at North Central University and the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy. He and his wife reside in Lake Zurich with their children. They are active members of the Hope Collective (formerly Alpine Chapel), where he previously served as the children's and family pastor.


Chris carried four major pieces of legislation through the General Assembly that are now law, a rarity for a first-term legislator:

HB4593 - Protects child victims of sexual abuse.

SB1405 - Ensures no one is forced to die alone in a healthcare facility without a family member at their side, even during a pandemic. 

HB3359 - Ensures equality in education for students with developmental disabilities. 

HJR21 - Honors a local veteran’s service. 


Additional major legislation Chris supported that is now law:

HB 3485 - Established what is known as a “Hope Card” for domestic violence survivors with an order of protection against an abuser.

SB 157 - Created the following tax relief: up to a $300 property tax rebate, six-month suspension of the gas tax CPI increase, suspension of the state sales tax on groceries for one year, $50 income tax rebate per taxpayer, $100 income tax rebate per child (3 total), and a two-week back to school sales tax holiday on school supplies. 

SB 3789 - Allows local residents to form committees that review the efficiency and accountability of local governments and pursue consolidation to lower property taxes. 

SB 3889 - Updates the Children's Mental Health Act to improve access to mental health services.

HB 5418 - Updates the Foster Children’s Bill of Rights. 

HB 4304 & HB 5064 - Improve support for kids in foster care. 

SB 3130 - Updates the adoption and reunion process.

HB 3308 - Ensures telehealth services, e-visits and virtual check-ups are covered just like any other health insurance benefit.


More major legislation Chris sponsored this term: 

HB 5215 - Would suspend the CPI increase in the gas tax for two years.

HB 5723 - Would stop the sales tax windfall (charged on top of the gas tax) driving gas prices even higher by capping the sales tax on gas.

HB 4834 - Would expand the community stabilization assessment freeze program and allow voters to initiate property tax freeze referendums.

HB 5217 - Targets inflation peaks and valleys in property taxes to prevent drastic spikes in your property tax bill.

HB 642 - To put term limits into state law rather than in House Rules that can be changed by the party in power each term. 

HB 4497 & HB 4499 - Repeals the SAFE-T, but maintains provisions that support the Crime Victims Compensation Act. 

For a complete list of legislation Chris has sponsored this term, visit - Click Here


Committees Chris serves On:

Adoption & Childwellfare

Appropriations - Public Safety


Judiciary - Criminal

Mental Health & Addiction

Police & Fire


Chris also serves on the following Task Forces: 

Ensuring Success in School 

Public Safety and Violence Prevention 

Rt. 53 Expansion Land Alternative Use 

Racial Disproportionality in Child Welfare 

Human Trafficking 

Protection of Individuals with Disabilities in the Criminal Justice System 

Offshore Wind Energy Economic Development Policy