PRESS RELEASE: House GOP Call Out Democratic Majority’s Broken Promises

October 21, 2020

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ZOOM--State Representatives Grant Wehrli (R-Naperville), Deanne Mazzochi (R-Elmhurst), and candidate for State Representative Chris Bos (R-51st) today decried the broken promises of the Democratic majority in providing the major reforms Illinois residents so desperately need. In a press conference this afternoon, the House Republicans discussed the lack of progress on key reform initiatives for property taxes and ethics when there were clear opportunities to produce real change.

Representative Wehrli, who was assigned to both the Property Tax Relief Task Force and the Joint Commission on Ethics and Lobbying Reform, discussed the failure of both the Democratic-controlled committees to produce actual results. The Joint Commission on Ethics and Lobbying Reform was created to examine the allegations made against lobbyists and members of the General Assembly in an extensive pay-to-play bribery scheme. The Commission was tasked with producing a published report to the General Assembly and Illinois residents by March 31st.

“Six months later, we have made no progress on ethics reform,” said Rep. Wehrli. “The people of Illinois want answers on ethics, and not another broken promise from the Democrats.”

Wehrli has pushed for ethics reform since the first indictment fell in the Illinois House, and has repeatedly called for Speaker Madigan to resign amid the ongoing federal investigation. In recently disclosed emails obtained through a FOIA request, it was found that his opponent, Janet Yang Rohr, used her taxpayer-funded school board email address for political work, sending political talking points as well as the IRS documentation for her campaign account. “She doesn’t have any regard for ethics right now, and doesn’t mind playing politics on the taxpayer’s dime,” continued Wehrli. “My opponent is fully funded by Speaker Madigan and we don’t need another self-serving Madigan loyalist in the General Assembly.”

As a member assigned to the Property Tax Relief Task Force, Representative Mazzochi also witnessed the squandered opportunities to provide real relief to Illinois residents. “While there have been promises of providing relief to taxpayers for years, the Democratic majority has continued their ‘tax and spend’ habits and nothing was accomplished,” said Mazzochi. “We can do better and that starts with real efforts for reform, not task forces that shortchange taxpayers with empty promises, and certainly not candidates fully funded by Mike Madigan.”

According to the State Board of Elections, Mazzochi’s opponent, Jennifer Zordani, has taken nearly $400,000 in campaign donations from Mike Madigan, who Mazzochi has also called to resign amid the serious federal bribery allegations.

House Republican candidate Chris Bos believes that the Democrat-run Joint Commission on Ethics Reform and Lobbying was just another stall tactic to prevent any progress on ethics reform.

“There have been too many broken promises in Springfield, making it abundantly clear the Democratic majority has failed Illinois families and business,” said Bos, who has supported the calls by the Better Governor Association, Reform for Illinois, Common Cause Illinois, and CHANGE Illinois to demand answers from the Joint Commission on Ethics Reform and Lobbying. “Voters in my district have made it clear they want change in Springfield. That is why I am running as a true advocate and voice for our community, not a friend to Mike Madigan who will stall on the reforms for Illinois.”


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